symbol-3Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is often confused with accounting. However bookkeeping is just one element of accounting and is simply is the recording of all financial transactions within an organisation. These include all purchases, sales, receipts and payments made by an individual or organisation. Optima provides bookkeeping services up to trial balance for various business types and across a broad range of industries. All financial transactions are recorded on Pastel Accounting. Our clients’ “books” are reviewed on a regular basis by the firm’s partners, who report on and discuss the results with business owners and managers. We do not merely report on the financial results provided by our bookkeeping service, but provide insight and advice to help business owners and managers understand the various financial elements relevant to their business. We also develop sound financial business strategies with business owners and guide them accordingly to stay on course to achieve their desired results. If the size of your company does not warrant a full-time bookkeeper, it’s always best to outsource this function to a trained professional, who has the necessary skillset to ensure that this basic element of your financial controls is kept in immaculate order.